Master Drummer
Associate Director of Jeh Kulu

Hassimiou “Chimie” Bangoura is a brilliant and energetic drummer from Guinea, West Africa. Chimie grew up in Matam, the center of drum and dance, in the Guinea’s capitol, Conakry. After completing high school, he moved to the outskirts of Conakry to study with the world renowned drummer, Tonton Soriba Sylla. Chimie studied for eight years as he learned the precision of both djembe and doundoun rhythms and techniques. During this time, Chimie worked each year teaching and directing drum classes for foreign students from Germany, Switzerland, Mexico and Holland.

After he completed his studies, he moved back to Matam where he drummed and performed with Percussion de Boka Jr. and studied under Ibrahima “Boka” Camara. He also drummed for the up and coming ballet Sourakhata and Ballet Torona du Matoto as he continued drumming for International workshops and dance classes. In 2007, Chimie spent a significant amount of time living and working in Senegal where he played with Ballet Bougarabou in Saly Portugal. Chimie was also invited to perform for President Wade at his 2007 Presidential Campaign in downtown Dakar.

Chimie has just recently moved to the U.S. (in Oct. 2007) and it has been a pleasure to have his knowledge and energy in our community. He has been a great addition to Jeh Kulu and has assisted in residencies, performance and dance classes. Since his arrival he has traveled to Boston and Atlanta to work with other Guinean artist. Along with his love for playing djembe, Chimie is also a skilled krin and gogo ma player with a love for singing and Guinean popular music. Chimie currently lives in Bristol, Vermont with his wife Ashley Bessette.